"Three-dimensional basics in media space" was a five-week workshop aimed to design a working system that could be operated by gestures, using Leap Motion and Processing.

BX Hologram

We chose a holographic display to improve the experience of „controlling by gestures“ whereat the illusion of a hologram was created through a “screen onto glass” projection.

We programmed two particle systems and called them „Swarm“ and „Sphere“. The user will employ the palm of hand to work with one of the two systems and will be able to switch between the two systems through a circular movement with the finger.

BX Hologram from feliz w on Vimeo.

Swarm: this particle system follows the movement of the hand and responds to its gestures. If the hand is flat, the particles spread.The more the hand is clenched, the more the particles move together. If only the index finger is extended, the particles will gather at one point around the finger. The Swarm can be sent from one hand to another one. Depending on the position of the hand the color is changing.

Sphere: this particle system shows a ball with a moving surface that changes its character by clenching the hand. On the „z“ coordinate it is possible to scale the sphere while the „x“ and „y“ coordinates allow to rotate. Each additional hand adds another ball which can then be controlled in the orbit of the first ball.

Semester 2
Three-dimensional basics in media space
with Ester Harter and Anna Foltinek
Mentoring by Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro