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Master Thesis

The master thesis Feldberger Paradies deals with the publication of the three new sparkling wine products of the Weingut Waldkirch. This also includes an extension of the product design to include their digital product characters for mobile devices, both auditive and visual. The three products will be expanded by their digital presences in order to address not only tactile (touch), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) perception, but also auditory (hearing) and visual (seeing) perception. On the basis of the awarded section EDEN, a prototype is created for the presentation of further products; ADAM and EVA.

In the course of this, the corporate design of the company Weingut Waldkirch was created and finalised, as well as the relaunch of the website and the opening of the Waldkirch Hofladen.

The user of the AR application can look inside the bottle through a window in the front of the bottle through the labels and visit the spirit of the products on the back. The interaction is limited to the essential to ensure intuitive operation. Accordingly, the object grape is only rotatable around its own y-axis, which is indicated by a slight rotation. Wipe through or drag-n-drop, the object can be rotated around its own y-axis accordingly.

The berry functions are similar to a button. By tapping on the individual berry, the specific information window opens and the berry dissolves in a particle animation.

In terms of auditory perception, the experience of the sparkling wine products is generated by the most rapidly accepted consumer technology in history, the language assistant. The implementation of an auditory system should create group dynamics and challenge the individual users.

Optimized for Amazon ALEXA, the akill Feldberg Paradies challenges up to eight players in questions, estimations and decisions. These programs extend the product sparkling wine by its missing sensory stimuli and combine the traditional viticulture and classic winery of Ulli Waldkirch with the modern digital world. For the digital natives, this is a bridge to the classical craft - and vice versa for the older generation, a bridge to digital technology.

The long-term goal is to establish the young brand Weingut Waldkirch on the market, to set it apart from the regional competition, to increase awareness and thus to expand the customer base beyond the region.


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