“Harmonik” is a system to be used by anybody who is interested in learning more about music, be it composing, understanding, analyzing or simply being able to read music.


There are countless textbooks on the market providing methods and information about the construction of music, the rules of composition and the impact of music on its audience. We analyzed a large number of the suggested didactical methods and found out that they focus very much on a theoretical approach and on skilled knowledge and thus had a rather rigid character.

Our goal was to develop a system that teaches music in an interesting way and we developed “Harmonik”.

As a first step we got in contact with the musician “Carlo Falkenstein”. Carlo bases his music teaching methods on the observation that small kids learn to speak before they start to write. He showed us the basics of harmonics without applying the classical methods of learning about how to read music. We adopted these thoughts and based our concept and development of “Harmonik” upon it.

“Harmonik” will enable the user to gain a thorough understanding of the harmonic structure and processes of music without being able to read music. The user will be able not only to understand already existing pieces of music but may also perform own compositions.

The system will allow each user to adopt an individual approach. It will also encourage to use the input facility of MIDI keyboards for experimental music aspects.

Semester 2
Interactive communication systems
with Catrine Schlosser and Ege Can Tunca
Mentoring by Roger Walk