Files - document management tool for HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

„Files“ is a project about the different communication platforms of the HfG. The goal of Files is to improve and streamline the data flow between the HfG and the students.
Storing and sharing data has to be simple and keeping track of files should be fun. Our goal was to develop a system that meets these requirements and is easy to implement.

The IT department of the HfG will play a major role for the implementation of the project Files. It will provide the technical platform for the storage of the data, support the application and will set-up the links of each lecture. Each student and teacher will get access to an individual account imbedded in the network of the HfG. The content of such account will be customized individually, depending on the courses and lectures a student will attend or a teacher will give. Students of a specific course will be able to upload or download the necessary data within seconds via drag and drop.

Each user will have a global overview of all data and will be able to decide wether a file is important or not. The important ones automatically get saved in a preset folder. All the data is stored centrally in the university network and can be retrieved at any time - even if its marked as unimportant.
Push notification or information by mail can be set up individually as well as additional users to a closed user group.

Student project with Anna Foltinek and Nikolas Klein

Mentoring by Jürgen Graef


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